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Fluid to Fluid Models Cross Reference Charts by Manufacturer

2 - PASS   4 - PASS
4" shell   4" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-4201   W-42-22 G4204L   WA-4401   W-42-42 G4404L
WA-4202 WU43-24 W-43-22 G4206L   WA-4402 WU43-44 W-43-42 G4406L
WA-4203 WU44-24 W-44-22 G4208L   WA-4403 WU44-44 W-44-42 G4408L
WA-4204 WU45-24 W-45-22 G4210L   WA-4404 WU45-44 W-45-42 G4410L
WA-4205 WU46-24 W-46-22 G4212L   WA-4405 WU46-44 W-46-42 G4412L
WA-4206 WU47-24 W-47-22 G4214L   WA-4406 WU47-44 W-47-42 G4414L
WA-4207     G4216L   WA-4407     G4416L
WA-4208     G4218L   WA-4408     G4418L
WA-4209     G4220L   WA-4409     G4420L
2 - PASS   4 - PASS
6" shell   6" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-6201   W-62-23 G6204L   WA-6401   W-62-43 G6404L
WA-6202 WU63-23 W-63-23 G6206L   WA-6402 WU63-43 W-63-43 G6406L
WU64-23 W-64-23   WU64-43 W-64-43
WA-6203 WU65-23 W-65-23 G6208L   WA-6403 WU65-43 W-65-43 G6408L
G6210L   G6410L
WA-6204 WU66-23 W-66-23 G6212L   WA-6404 WU66-43 W-66-43 G6412L
WA-6205 WU67-23 W-67-23 G6214L   WA-6405 WU67-43 W-67-43 G6414L
WA-6206 WU68-23 W-68-23 G6216L   WA-6406 WU68-43 W-68-43 G6416L
WA-6207     G6218L   WA-6407     G6418L
WA-6208     G6220L   WA-6408     G6420L
WA-6209         WA-6409      
2 - PASS   4 - PASS
8" shell   8" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-8201   W-82-24 G8204L   WA-8401   W-82-44 G8404L
WA-8202   W-83-24 G8206L   WA-8402   W-83-44 G8406L
WA-8203 WU84-24 W-84-24 G8208L   WA-8403 WU84-44 W-84-44 G8408L
WA-8204 WU85-24 W-85-24 G8210L   WA-8404 WU85-44 W-85-44 G8410L
WA-8205 WU86-24 W-86-24   WA-8405 WU86-44 W-86-44
WA-8206 WU87-24 W-87-24 G8212L   WA-8406 WU87-44 W-87-44 G8412L
WA-8207 WU88-24 W-88-24 G8214L   WA-8407 WU88-44 W-88-44 G8414L
WA-8208 G8216L   WA-8408 G8416L
WA-8209 WU89-24 W-89-24 G8218L   WA-8409 WU89-44 W-89-44 G8418L
      G8220L         G8420L
2 - PASS   4 - PASS
10" shell   10" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-1021   W-102-25 G10204L   WA-1041   W-102-45 G10404L
WA-1022   W-103-25 G10206L   WA-1042   W-103-45 G10406L
WA-1023 WU104-25 W-104-25 G10208L   WA-1043 WU104-45 W-104-45 G10408L
WA-1024 WU105-25 W-105-25 G10210L   WA-1044 WU105-45 W-105-45 G10410L
WA-1025 WU106-25 W-106-25 G10212L   WA-1045 WU106-45 W-106-45 G10412L
WA-1026 WU107-25 W-107-25 G10214L   WA-1046 WU107-45 W-107-45 G10414L
WA-1027 WU108-25 W-108-25 G10216L   WA-1047 WU108-45 W-108-45 G10416L
WA-1028 WU109-25 W-109-25 G10218L   WA-1048 WU109-45 W-109-45 G10418L
WA-1029 WU1010-25 W-1010-25 G10220L   WA-1049 WU1010-45 W-1010-45 G10420L
2 - PASS   4 - PASS
12" shell   12" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-1221   W-123-24 G12206L   WA-1241   W-123-44 G12406L
WA-1222 WU124-26 W-124-24 G12208L   WA-1242 WU124-46 W-124-44 G12408L
WA-1223 WU125-24 W-125-24 G12210L   WA-1243 WU125-46 W-125-44 G12410L
WA-1224 WU126-26 W-126-24 G12212L   WA-1244 WU126-46 W-126-44 G12412L
WA-1225 WU127-26 W-127-24 G12214L   WA-1245 WU127-46 W-127-44 G12414L
WA-1226 WU128-26 W-128-24 G12216L   WA-1246 WU128-46 W-128-44 G12416L
WA-1227 WU129-26 W-129-24 G12218L   WA-1247 WU129-46 W-129-44 G12418L
WA-1228   W-1210-24 G12220L   WA-1248   W-1210-44 G12420L
2 - PASS   4 - PASS
14" shell   14" shell
SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco   SEC ITT Armstrong* Taco
WA-1421     G14206L   WA-1441     G14406L
WA-1422 WU144-24 W-144-2 G14208L   WA-1442 WU144-44 W-144-44 G14408L
WA-1423 G14210L   WA-1443 G14410L
WA-1424 WU145-24 W-145-2 G14212L   WA-1444 WU145-44 W-145-44 G14412L
WA-1425 WU146-24 W-146-2 G14214L   WA-1445 WU146-44 W-146-44 G14414L
WA-1426 WU147-24 W-147-2 G14216L   WA-1446 WU147-44 W-147-44 G14416L
WA-1427 WU148-24 W-148-2 G14218L   WA-1447 WU148-44 W-148-44 G14418L
WA-1428 WU149-24 W-149-2 G14220L   WA-1448 WU149-44 W-149-44 G14420L
    W-1410-2         W-1410-44